Lecture Notes

Posted below are the lecture notes for each topic. This is only an outline of the classroom lectures and students are strongly encouraged to make their own notes. The recommended text (Biology - Campbell and Reece, 7th edition) is the detailed reference source for the concepts that are covered in the lecture.


TOPIC # SUBJECT Extra Material
1 Classification and the diversity of life (PDF)(Word)  
2 Protists (PDF)(Word)  
3 Fungi (PDF)(Word)
4 Plants - Introduction; Non-vascular plants (PDF)(Word)  
5 Seedless vascular plants (PDF)(Word)  
6 Seeded Vascular plants overview; Gymnosperms (PDF)(Word)  
7 Seeded Vascular plants - Angiosperms (PDF)(Word)  
8 Structure and function of vascular plants (PDF)(Word)  
9 Plant Nutrition, growth and development (PDF)(Word)  
10 Introduction to Kingdom Animalia: Porifera and Radiata (PDF)(Word) TED Talk: Tierny Thys
Coral reefs: IYOR, Nature Conservancy
11 Introduction to Bilateria, Protosomes and Lophotrochozoans (PDF(Word)  Lophotrochozoans
12 Lophotrochozoans: Platyhelminthes, Annelids, & minor phyla (PDF)(Word)  
13 More Lophotrochozoans: Mollusks  
14 Ecdysosoans: Nematodes, Arthorpods and some minor groups  
15 Dueterostomes: Echinodermata and Hemichordata  
16 Dueterostomes: Phylum Chordata  
17 Integumentary system  
18 Skeletal and Muscular systems  
19 Digestive system  
20 Circulatory system