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Provost Funded Professional Improvement Leave (PIL)

One goal included within the Auburn University strategic plan is to “develop a sabbatical program and provide opportunities to eligible faculty consistent with policy.”  The guiding policy for AU’s sabbatical program is found in the Faculty Handbook, chapter 8, section 6D, “Professional Improvement Leave.”

The Office of the Provost has limited funds available this year to provide a few sabbatical opportunities to tenured faculty members.  Preference will be given to long-term faculty who (a) have had few or no sabbaticals during their tenure with Auburn University, (b) propose a structured professional development plan clearly related to their academic discipline, and (c) plan to serve their sabbatical at another institution, laboratory, or agency external to Auburn University.

Interested faculty are invited to submit an Application, PIL Budget Form, and a three-page proposal, including the elements listed below.  To apply, go to https://sites.auburn.edu/academic/provost/awards/default.aspx on or before November 15, 2012 and upload your application and proposal. Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee appointed by the Provost, and awards will be made for professional improvement leave commencing Fall Semester, 2013.

Proposals must include:

(1)  Application Cover Page for Provost Funded Professional Improvement Leave form to include the professor’s name, department, rank, and date of tenure.

(2)  Application for Professional Improvement Leave form to include a listing of any previous sabbaticals taken while on the faculty of Auburn University.

(3)  A three-page proposal to include a structured plan for professional improvement within the faculty member’s discipline.  The plan should specify starting and ending dates, location(s) external to campus and the periods of time to be spent on-site, nature of the work to be done, expected products/outcomes, and a brief statement regarding how the sabbatical will provide the faculty member with high-quality professional development.

(4)  Provost Funded Professional Improvement Leave Budget form to include the cost of covering the faculty member’s duties while away from campus, travel, equipment and supplies, and other anticipated costs to be borne by the University.  State any available matching money from grants or other sources.  Provide letters of invitation from cooperating institutions or programs as appropriate.

(5)  A plan, agreed to by the department head and dean, showing how the faculty member’s work assignments (including classes scheduled to be taught) for Fall Semester, 2013, will be covered.

(6)  Signatures of the faculty member, the department head, and the dean on the Application Cover Page for Professional Improvement Leave and the Application for Professional Improvement Leave indicating support for the proposal and willingness to grant leave with pay to support the proposed sabbatical. 

Last Updated: Septemer 19, 2012