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    The 6500 square foot Fish Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory contains all the equipment necessary for analysis and manipulations of nucleic acids and proteins. The laboratory includes a main laboratory (radioactive safety approved), refrigerated room, walk-in freezer, dark room, tissue culture room, an attached conference room, and two attached offices.



    The major equipment in the laboratory include: two automated DNA sequencers equipped with sequencing, genotyping, and fingerprinting apparatus and software, one pyrosequencing equipment with pyrosequencing, genotyping software, a light-cycler system for quantitative gene expression analysis, one CCD Gel Imaging System equipped with various gel analysis modules and software, one scintillation counter, one autoclave, four PCR thermocyclers, one MicroPulser electroporator, One UV linker Microwave 2400, one microinjection system with micromanipulator controlled by a pico-injector Model PLI-100,  a Bakeonizer for electroporation, a UV-visible spectrophotometer, one ice maker, a clinical centrifuge, a centrifuge, a GS-15 centrifuge, five microfuges, two computerized power supplies, 15 regular power supplies, two 37°C CO2/humidified incubators, two -80°C freezers, one -20°C freezer, one analytical balance, one 37°C shaker incubator, one 37°C incubator for dish culture, UV and visible transilluminators with camera, a Leitz microscope, two dissecting microscopes, and three biosafety cabinets, one of which is devoted as a radioactive work station. The laboratory has all the equipment for molecular biology: molecular cloning, PCR, restriction analysis, gel electrophoresis, DNA sequencing, blotting, hybridization, gene expression studies of RNA and proteins, radioimmunoassays (RIA), ELISA, and Western blotting.


    We have a several computers and printers for routing computing operations; both PC and Mac platforms are available.  We have several DNA analysis software packages and fragment analysis software such as GelExpert, AFLP-Quantar- Pro, Gene ImageIR genotyping softwares, access to GenBank, EMBO, and other databases, and to GCG software packages. Auburn University also has excellent Genomics and Sequencing facilities with one ABI Prism 3100 capillary sequencer and various software packages, Taqman and older models of ABI automated DNA sequencers, which are available at a minimal cost.



    Auburn University has the best facility in the nation for simulated commercial conditions for catfish genetic research. A large earthen pond facility consists of 78 experimental research ponds is available for evaluation of performance under closely simulated commercial conditions for QTL analysis.  Fifty additional ponds are available for control fish, and other related experiments. This is important since genotype-environment interactions can occur in genetic evaluations of catfish necessitating  pond experiments to obtain realistic results. An on-site hatchery and modern genetics laboratory complement the earthen ponds.

    The 6500 square foot hatchery contains 300 tanks for indoor spawning, incubation and disease challenges and resistance evaluations. The hatchery is equipped with heating and cooling systems to manipulate temperature of the hatchery.

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