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Economics and Management of Risk in Agriculture and Natural Resources

The SCC will provide a scientific/professional forum to facilitate the exchange of theoretical and methodological approaches to risk analysis, and to nurture the development of original concepts and preliminary research efforts related to agriculture and natural resources.

Specific focus issues will include:

  1. Micro-level modeling of natural resource and environmental risk issues, including ground- and surface-water pollution, and increased emphasis on agricultural sustainability, and increased conflicts in resource demands between agricultural and competing users.

  2. Firm level risk management modeling, including the production, financial, marketing and environmental impacts and risks associated with new technology and the potential benefits resulting from improved access to information.

  3. Economic theory and the behavioral foundations of decision making under uncertainty, in risk assessment, asymmetric risk attitudes, and state-dependent utility.

  4. The impact of public policy on the risk environment of individuals, firms, and sectors within exogenous trade shocks, food safety regulations, changes in financial and farm insurance institutions, and resource pricing policies.

    Opportunities are expected to arise for spin-offs of the SCC into regional research project proposals, as well as collaborative efforts in attaining extramural grants and contracts related to risk analysis.

    The project fits into the following goals developed for regional projects related to Research, Education, and Economics (REE), with emphasis on goals 4 and 5:

    1. An agricultural system that is highly competitive in the global economy.
    2. A safe and secure food and fiber system.
    3. A healthy, well-nourished population.
    4. Greater harmony between agriculture and the environment.
    5. Enhanced economic opportunity and quality of life for Americans.






Past Programs



SCC-76 (formerly IEG-76, formerly SRIEG 70, and formerly SERA-IEG-31) participants have hosted a conference every year since the group's inception. These conferences have attracted the top agricultural economists in the areas of risk and environmental management, and attendance has ranged from 30 to 50 researchers each year. In addition to university researchers, participants have included USDA economists and administrators, private sector economists and graduate students. Information has been exchanged three ways. First, the conference programs consisted of one and a half days of formal research presentations, outlining cutting-edge research in the two subfields of economics. Second, there has been ample opportunity for informal exchanges of information among researchers, policymakers and representatives from the private sector during meal breaks and in the evenings. Third, abstracts of presented papers and an executive summary of each conference are being mounted on a website and linked to several others so that a broader audience can be made aware of the output of the group. This activity was begun with the 1998 conference with support from the Farm Foundation and will be continued with future conferences.

Here are examples of research papers presented at the SCC conferences over the past eight years:

Research Papers

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