OS/2 Sites

OS/2 Sites
last updated: 07/19/96

Welcome to my collection of OS/2 Home pages, Gopher Sites, Users Groups and, well basically anything to do with OS/2. I realize there are other home pages for OS/2, I know since I have been to most. What I have tried to do here was to put together as complete a listing of information as possible. I used web engines and other net utilities to scan everywhere I could, and then collected them all here in one place. What makes this Web Site different from others? Perhaps only that it is an alternative, however I have tried to make it different by being complete and most importantly, up-to-date. Well, have fun. I really hope you will find this site to be useful. I have run a BBS for over 8 years and so I guess this is a natural progression using a new platform etc... If you get the time, visit my regular home page at http://www.auburn.edu/~lestewm/welcome.html or select the icon at the end of this document. Comments and suggestions are welcome on my home page.

New OS/2 Stuff!

J3 Computer Tech OS/2 Store
OS/2 Sight
ADD Consulting
OS/2 Warp (Germany)
Simply Intelligent (OS/2 Sales)
Cirrus Technology
OS/2 e-Zine
OS/2 Forum
Team OS/2 Austria
IBM WebExplorer
WebExplorer Animation Archive
DeScribe Home Page
OS/2 Migration Database Site

OS/2 WWW Home Pages 
and Sites

Probably one of the original OS/2 sites and still one of the most complete and up-to-date is the Urbana-Champaign OS/2 Site maintained by Jack Tan. As well as serving as a host for many original OS/2 documents and tid-bits, the UIUC site has many links to other OS/2 sites.

UIUC's OS/2 Information Page

OS/2 New User Introduction

Raj Singh's OS/2 Home Page

I Heard It/2

The Warp Update

Another excellent OS/2 site located at a prominent school and maintained by a successful OS/2 Users group is the OS/2 Home Pages located at M.I.T. These pages house the OS/2 FAQ and are maintained by the MIT OS/2 Users Group.

OS/2 WWW Home Page

OS/2 FAQ List: User's Edition (4 Apr 94) Section 00.00

PC Lube and Tune is a Service Station and convenience store at Exit 130.132 on the National Information Highway. An ordinary Service Station provides gas, sodas, repairs, maps, and advice. The PCLT objective is to supply usable introductions, tutorials, and education on technical subjects to the large audience of computer users. Located at YALE, the PCL&T site provides general computer tips and also several OS/2 specific items. Both the PCL&T home page and OS/2 specific sites are listed below.

PC Lube and Tune Home Page

Installing Internet Support in OS/2 Warp

The Warp Internet Connection

Surviving the Next OS

We couldn't very well have an OS/2 home page without IBM now could we? Well, here is the IBM Corporation Home page as well as a handful of OS/2 Sites locate at various IBM sites around the world.

International Business Machines

Powerful, easy, hot and cool: Warp is here!

Stupid OS/2 Tricks

IBM OS/2 Fiesta Bowl

OS/2 Warp vs. Windows 95: A Decision Maker's Guide

Web Explorer

IBM Software Marketing EMEA

IBM Internet Connection

IBM Personal Software Direct

OS2Web is the site maintained by the Northern New Jersey Users Group. Without a doubt, this is probably the most complete listing of WWW sites available on the net. Also is a mirror site for the OS2 Warp Pharmacy.


Remember in the old T.V series theme song from Gilligan's Island? Sometimes the proffessor and Mary Ann were individually listed and sometimes they were simply refered to as "and THE REST" Well, here are "THE REST" of my OS/2 WWW sites. As time becomes available I will try to provide expanded information for each site, but for now, they are "THE REST"

OS/2 Northwest BBS

Harris Mountaintop OS/2 Page

(Trosm, Norway) OS/2 Stuff

University of Texas OS/2 Home Page

OS/2 Games Review

The Internet Relay Chat #OS/2 homepage!

The HitchHikers Guide To OS/2

(Caltech) OS/2 Internet Resources

Frank McKenney's Warp Installation Notes

The OS/2 Warp Pharmacy is mirrored at several sites around the world. The primary site is the Australian home site and as such will always be the most up-to-date, however you can often be better served by using a mirror site closer to home. For that purpose, we have listed the primary mirror source, and all mirror sites that we are aware of below.

The Warp Pharmacy

The Warp Pharmacy Mirror Sites

Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia) OS/2 Warp Pharmacy Mirror

Eastern United States (New Jersey) OS/2 Warp Pharmacy Mirror

Singapore OS/2 Warp Pharmacy Mirror

Europe (Switzerland) OS/2 Warp Pharmacy Mirror

OS/2 FTP & File Sites

This is it! FREE SOFTWARE! Seriously, the following FTP sites are accessible via your WEB Browser and have lots of useful utilities and applications for OS/2. Many of these utilities are free, others are sharewhare, but all are freely redistributable.

OS/2 FTP Site in Munchen, GR.

Moscow State University OS/2 Mirror

OS/2 WebExplorer

Cleveland OS/2 User's Group

IBM (Watson) Index of /pub/os2

I.B.M.'s OS/2 site


Hobbes OS/2 FTP

(Trosm, Norway) OS/2 FTP Site

Software Library - OS/2 Software

Software Library - Windows Software

Good OS/2 Shareware from Venus

Sweden (Luleo Univ) OS/2 Ftp Site

Brazil OS/2 Site

OS/2 Archives @ LEO (Germany)

IBM OS/2 Users Groups Pages

User Groups are perhaps the backbone of OS/2 support. Generally user groups meet together at regularly scheduled meetings and discuss and have presentations related to OS/2. Below are the WWW home pages of some of these user groups. Notice the index link. If I do not specifically have a user group listed, then it is probably listed in the index of user groups.

New York OS/2 Users' Group (NSCOUG)

North Suburban Chicago OS/2 Users' Group (NSCOUG)

Pacific Northwest OS/2 Users Group

Index - OS/2 User Groups from Around the World

San Diego OS/2 User Group

OS/2 Gopher Sites Gopher sites are similar to WWW sites, except for most purposes, they do not have the ability to display multimedia graphics or sound.

Almaden OS/2 gopher

IBM Employee Written OS/2 Software

Visions Gopher

Team OS/2 Information

Larry's OS/2 Archive

The OS/2 Softstore

OS/2 WEB/Gopher Server Showcase

<eh> USENET OS/2 Groups</eh>

UseNet News Groups are discussion areas were people from all over the world can share knowledge, opinions, and insights into OS/2. Please understand that your LOCAL system must be able to provide access to these services. The listings are provided here to let you know that they exist, and what topics are available. If your local system has News, then clicking on one of the below topics will access that newsgroup directly.

Usenet - comp.binaries.os2
Usenet - comp.os.os2.advocacy
Usenet - comp.os.os2.announce
Usenet - comp.os.os2.apps
Usenet - comp.os.os2.beta
Usenet - comp.os.os2.bugs
Usenet - comp.os.os2.games
Usenet - comp.os.os2.misc
Usenet - comp.os.os2.multimedia
Usenet - comp.os.os2.networking.misc
Usenet - comp.os.os2.networking.tcp-ip
Usenet - comp.os.os2.programmer.misc
Usenet - comp.os.os2.programmer.oop
Usenet - comp.os.os2.programmer.porting
Usenet - comp.os.os2.programmer.tools
Usenet - comp.os.os2.setup

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